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Bali: Gunung Batur Volcano

Even though we really liked the beaches in Bali we also wanted to see more of the island. So, this one weekend we decided to get our motorbikes and drive to the gunung Batur, the volcano on Bali.

We mapped out this touristic route with some nice stops along the way and planned to arrive later that day at the volcano.

After weeks of sun the rain decided to come pouring down this weekend with led to the fact that halfway the route we discussed if we even wanted to continue our trip. We did and after hours of driving (ok, it wasn’t that long, but it sure felt like it) we finally arrived in this village (which turned out to be Kintamani) which we reckoned would be near the volcano. 

We were so damn cold, I seriously thought that if we had to drive for 15 more minutes we might freeze to death (yep, I started to become a drama queen). Just a few meters into the village we saw this sign from a hotel, the only thing we checked was if they had hot water, and since they had, we decided to book it.

We literally couldn’t see anything around us due to the heavy fog and rain. After we finally got the showers working and everybody wrapped themselves in blankets to try to become warm again, we headed out for some lovely dinner in the restaurant.

The weather wasn’t clearing up at all so when we went to bed we were just hoping that it would be a bit better the other day (especially since I didn’t bring any dry clothing. Oops)


The next morning I was woken up by my friend screaming that the sun was out, we got dressed, took our wet clothes outside to dry and were really amazed by what we saw. We had no idea that this was the view we were waking up to; The best view of the gunung batur we could wish for! 

We went for breakfast with a spectacular view, waited for our clothes to dry in the sun (helped by a hairdryer) and decided to hit the pedals and go for a bike tour around the volcano lake.

It turned out to be one of the coolest things we did in Bali!


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