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Borobudur temple, Yogyakarta – Java

The booking office we were in was a small place with just two chairs and a desk. Maps of Java were lying around and pictures of the best sightseeing activities were gleaming at us, but there was just one thing we were here for, the thing I was most exited for in Java, the Borobudur temple. We discussed our options with the guy in the office and after a nice talk, a quick discussion about what time we wanted to go and receiving some background info, we booked the tour. A van would pick us up the next day. At 4.30 AM sharp. Hurray for early mornings!

When our alarms rang the next morning I wasn’t so sure that it was the best idea to get up this early, but the guy had assured us that it would be best to bo there as early as possible. We picked up some other guys and after about a short hour drive we arrived at the temple. The sun was about to rise and the local people were getting ready preparing their stalls where they would sell their souvenirs to the many tourists visiting the temple that day.

After getting our entrance tickets and being wrapped in the sarong we made our way to the Borobudur temple. It’s insane how such a temple was covered in dirt and people didn’t really know about it’s existence. Climbing up to the first floor (there are 9 in total for the different phases of Buddha’s life) we had an amazing view of the surroundings. The sun was just rising and it was quite foggy which made the surroundings seem pretty mystical, but beautiful.

We knew that around 6.30 / 07.00 the local tourists would arrive and we were warned that it would get very busy at the Borobudur, so after a while we decided to skip a few levels and go up to the top where all the stupas are placed. Some have buddha’s in them and it’s said that it brings luck to touch the buddha, so of course we opted for some extra luck and touched the buddha.

Well, the guy sure wasn’t lying when he said it would get very busy as soon as the local tourists arrive at the Borobudur. There were people everywhere and it was like we were some famous singers, because all the tourist wanted to take photo’s with us (or making them secretly thinking we wouldn’t notice, well, we did haha!) It was insane and looking around peacefully wasn’t an option anymore, so we were glad that we already saw everything. Getting up this early has never been rewarded better.

The Borobudur is definitely a must visit, it’s so beautiful and it’s amazing that this was build so many years ago without all technologies we have nowadays. I can’t even explain how amazing this place is, you just have to go there yourself! Oh and if you do, make sure you get up early as well 😉

And this is why you should be there before the local tourists arrive 😉

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