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20 reasons to love Asia

It’s been over a year that I came back from Asia where I was for six months and I still really, really miss it. There are plenty reasons to love Asia. If you’ve been there and you love Asia as well, or if you need a little bit convincing on why to go to Asia, than please keep on reading. Today I share with you 20 reason why I love Asia and you should too!

Because you can just buy an Indonesian drivers license at the local police station. Also if you don’t even have a drivers license at home.

Because there can be 10 shops next to each other, all selling the same random stuff like bolts and nails, but they can still exist.

Because of the cheap drinks and fun parties

Because you have to ask the way to at least 3 different people since you can’t be sure they’re telling you the right way, or are just not willing to admit they don’t know the way and just send you in any direction. Majority wins.

Because you can take the local bus, sit there for at least an hour and only pay 3 cents.


Because of the rich culture, beautiful temples and (sometimes weird) rituals and traditions (like ogoh ogoh) that are just a part of the day-to-day life.

Because you can buy fresh & sliced fruit on every street corner.

Because it can be so hot that you sweat out of every single pore whereas the next minute it can rain like crazy, leaving you walking around barefoot in 40 centimetres of water.

Because people transport literally everything on scooters, including complete families, chickens for an entire farm, hundreds of empty water bottles and complete fairground attractions.

Because there are ALWAYS many people outside on the streets


Because it’s ok to take a taxi and sit with two people on the passenger seat and 5 in the back seat.

Because guys can walk around wearing make-up and feminine clothes and nobody cares.

Because of the multiple language ejaculatory prayers that can be found in the seats of the airplanes. Ehhh…

Because of all the ‘edible’ things sold out on the streets including raw meat and barbecued rats.

Because there are the nicest people that will just go with you on busses, or drive around next to you to show you the way, without asking anything in return.


Because of the white sand beaches, high waterfalls, beautiful jungles and amazing views from mountains and volcanoes.

Because the people just sleep everywhere and they really don’t care.

Because of the colorful busses and trucks that make the endless streams of traffic look so much nicer.

Because of the amazing food.

Because everything is an experience.


Which points do you agree on and what are your reasons to love Asia? Let me know!

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    Saska (workthathealth)
    14/08/2014 at 23:12

    Ha, just figured out that you’re also dutch (and also 24!), coincidence! Absolutely agree with your reasons, the people that I’ve met on my travels were just so genuine, they really take the time for you 🙂

    • Reply
      18/08/2014 at 17:57

      Haha toevallig! Ja tof is dat hè?! Kunnen we in Nederland nog een voorbeeld aan nemen!

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