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Wat Pho Temple

The Wat Pho, I briefly mentioned this temple in my ‘Bangkok in 48 hours‘ post, but since it’s my absolute first on the list of things to do in Bangkok, I figured it deserved a separate blog post.

The Wat Pho is the oldest and biggest temple in Bangkok. With about four hundred (!) buddhas this temple is the one with the most Buddhas in Thailand, so you can’t really decide to skip it :). The complex is pretty big, and it consists of an older & newer part.

The newer part (well it was build in 1832, but still..) contains the, in my opinion, most spectacular part of the complex: a 46 meters long & 15 meters high gold reclining Buddha. As soon as you step into the building that houses this Buddha you’ll be overwhelmed by how majestic it looks. Like seriously, you can’t really imagine how big it will be until you see it!

The oldest part consists of a central temple surrounded by 91 chedis (the high rise bell shaped buildings decorated with mosaic) that contain the ashes of Buddha and members of the Royal Family. There are four really large ones, and they are dedicated to some kings. Also surrounding the main temple are four halls, that each contain a Buddha, all in different positions, and some very impressive! The older part is nice to just stroll around a bit and be amazed with the rows and rows of different buddha’s that are placed around the area. Both times I was there people were working on restoring the Buddhas, which is nice to look at for a while.

On the complex you’ll most likely walk past the big tree which is believed to be a cutting of the tree Buddha used to meditate under when he was in India.

The complex is open daily from 08.00-18.30 and the entrance fee is 100 Bath (starting in January 2015 the entrance will be 200 Bath) Make sure you wear proper clothing and easy shoes, because you have to take them off a few times ;). Also, check if there is a public holiday on the day you’d like to visit, since the complex might be closed on that day!

I really, really recommend you to visit the Wat Pho! It’s definitely my favorite thing to do in Bangkok! I’ve been there both times I was in Bangkok and loved it both times. It’s also in walking distance from the Royal Palace, so it’s easy to combine the two!

A picture says more than a thousand words right? So here they are!

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