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A weekend with friends in Giethoorn

The best thing I gained from studying abroad (which you can read about here and here) are really awesome friends. The parents of one of my friends have a second home in Giethoorn where we stayed in last year. This year we decided to go again, so last weekend we had this little weekendbreak in Giethoorn.

I love Giethoorn, I visited it multiple times before in summer when it’s crazy busy there. If you haven’t been there before: it’s this small town surrounded by water and very popular with tourists. A lot of houses are only reachable by bridges which gives the town a really unique feel. In summer the small canals are crammed with boats and canoes, but now there was basically nobody there.

Friday we arrived (after driving the wrong way multiple times haha) around 9.30 pm and had some lovely tapas and snacks whilst watching Belle & the Beast. I’d never actually watched the movie (I know, I know, shame on me) and I think I wouldn’t have liked it as a child since it’s pretty scary for children haha! I really enjoyed it now, Gotta love Disney! After picking out beds (there were 13 to chose from!) I had the best sleep ever, because the bed was just so cosy.


On Saturday we all had a bit of a lay in and enjoyed a late breakfast / brunch whilst making some plans for the day. It was after noon before we were all ready to head outside and go for a stroll around the town. I love the picturesque feel of Giethoorn with all the nice houses and bridges, it’s so different from any other city I’ve been to. We had a look around in some of the small gift stores, did some grocery shopping and drank some cappuccino and mulled wine in one of the cafes.

After arriving back home we made us some snacks and played some Monopoly Tropical Tycoon which was a lot of fun. We didn’t end up finishing the game because it took so long haha! We’d actually made reservations for a movie that night so we left the game and went to Steenwijk, a town near by. We had some lovely dinner and headed to the cinema to watch Mockingjay part 1. Ohhhh how thrilling that was! I was really looking forward to the movie and it did not disappoint me at all. I read the books, but that is already a few years ago so I didn’t remember everything that was going to happen. We were all a bit shocked by the ending of the movie, so when we arrived home we decided another Disney movie was a really good idea, so that’s what we watched until we were all to tired to keep our eyes open.

Sunday was the most chilled day ever. We, again, had a very late breakfast and cleaned up the house a bit. Then we decided it was time to finish our Monopoly game which I sucked at, but it was fun! We decided to play some other boardgames and paint our nails, and around 5 pm we took our bags and went home again.

Giethoorn-breakfast Giethoorn-games

It was such a nice weekend, because we basically only watched movies and played games, we seriously were like 80 year old ladies haha! But it was so nice to have a chilled out weekend with friends and to relax a bit!

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    25/11/2014 at 18:28

    LOVE that place! It’s so cute. They call it the Venice of Holland =)

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