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Lombok Waterfalls

I didn’t really expect something from Lombok actually, it was basically just a nice trip that we could easily arrange via friends. Transport and accommodation was all arranged and the guy we were staying with would also bring us to the Gili’s by speedboat, so it was just a quick little trip. Since our guy also had a tour office we decided to book a tour for the one full day we were going to be at Lombok, since we were there now anyways. Unfortunately the volcano was closed so we opted for a tour taking us to a temple, two waterfalls all the way up in the north and a small local village.

So with 8 girls we went to the temple (which wasn’t that impressive, it was actually pretty small, but gave us some nice views) and from there travelled up north. During our car journey I noticed how green Lombok is, it felt so different from Bali that we were so used to. the journey was absolutely stunning, taking us through the mountains and around rice fields. When we finally arrived at the waterfall rain was pouring down like crazy, but since we were there we really just wanted to go. There are two waterfalls, one that’s very easy accessible, and one that is a bit further and requires climbing over rocks and through rivers. We waited a bit for the rain to become less, arranged some locals to take us to the second waterfall and headed off.

And the Lombok waterfalls were¬†seriously such a fun experience, I never expected it to turn out this awesome! The first waterfall wasn’t that impressive, but the way to the second waterfall was amazing. There was nobody there, and because of all the rain there was some sort of mist that gave everything such a surreal feel. We walked through the jungle (I’m not even sure if this really qualifies as a jungle, but to me it did) hearing nothing and feeling so far away from the normal world. We climbed over rocks, took some steep hills, crossed a river, had the nicest views and were rewarded with a really nice waterfall. It was seriously amazing.

Excited to take the tour now? Here are some tips:

  • Either book a tour that will take you to the waterfalls, but arrange your own guides at the spot since it’s much cheaper. Or go there by scooter and again, arrange a guide on the spot.
  • Don’t think you can go there without a guide!
  • Wear good shoes, something like sneakers since it’s quite slippery and steep sometimes. Just wear ones hat you don’t care about a lot, because you will walk through rivers.
  • When we went back, some people of our group went into a drainage system that is kinda parallel to the walking path. I chickened out, but if that’s something you like, ask your guide. I really don’t know if a lot of them do it and if it’s normal for them haha!
  • Wear your bikini / swimming shorts to take a plunge.
  • Take as less stuff as possible when your going down to the second waterfall, seriously, don’t!

Did you ever went on a trip or a tour that you didn’t expect a lot of, but it turned out to be really cool? Let me know!

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