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Cologne Christmas Markets

When I graduated last October my sister gave me the best graduation present; a weekend getaway together. So it happend that last weekend my sister and I got in the car, drove to Cologne in Germany and had an absolute blast walking around the city, doing some shopping and of course visiting the Cologne christmas markets. In this post I’ll explain the difference between all the christmas markets that are scattered around town.

Markt der Engel – Neumarkt
The first market we visited was the Markt der Engel at the Neumarkt and it got us so excited right away! It looked so pretty with all the lit stars in the trees and the lights on all the stalls. From all the markets we’ve seen I feel like they sold the best stuff over here 🙂 There was also an actual store that only sold christmas decorations and they were all so very pretty! Definitely worth a visit!

The Heumarkt is basically one big ice skating ring surrounded by stalls that almost all sell food and drinks. It is a really cozy place and a lot of people where having drinks and enjoying their evening here. The ice skating track is pretty big and gives such a nice atmosphere to the entire place. Definitely have a drink here!

Alter markt
The small market at the Heumarkt basically evolves into the alter markt which is a market with a lot of vintage and old stuff. No products that I would actually buy, but the market itself was really nice! There were a lot of lit trees with floating candles, pretty street lights and even a small pretty ferris wheel.

The market at the Dom is the most well know market and also the biggest one, so we expected a lot of this market. But it actually kind of dissappointed us.. All the other markets have these really cute wooden stalls and give such a nice atmosphere to the place, whereas the market at the dom has very modern red stalls. Furthermore, most things sold here are very commercial and there are sooo many stalls that order mulled wine and bratwürst, which actually gets a bit annoying haha! The plus point is that this market has such nice views of the dom which give the place something special.

The market at the Rudolfplatz was actually the last market we visited on our second day. It’s quite a small market, but it’s really cute! It has all these white and wooden stalls which give the entire market a very wintery feel. I’ve never been to Austria, but I feel like houses look like this over there haha!

Rudolfplatz-market-cologneThe above mentioned christmas markets in cologne are in walking distance from each other and if you’d like you can easily visit them all in one day. Next to these markets there are also markets at the haven, the city park and the gay christmas market near the Rudolfplatz. We walked passed the gay one and it looked absolutely hysterical, but unfortunately we had to get back! It was so much fun and I absolutely advice you to visit the Cologne christmas marketsnext year!

Have you been to a christmas market this year? Which christmas market should I definitely go to next year? 🙂


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    Joost | TheWorldAround
    24/12/2014 at 15:17

    Ziet er echt heel gezellig uit! Veel leuker dan Berlijn en Dresden eigenlijk. Of ben jij gewoon heel goed in leuke foto’s nemen? 😛 Gaaf iig!

    • Reply
      29/12/2014 at 22:05

      haha ik ben nooit in Berlijn of Dresden geweest, dus durf het niet te zeggen! En uiteraard heb ik erg goede fotografie skills 😉

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