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When I went to Asia for about 6 months, I kept up with a travel journal. Every day I wrote down what we did, where we ate and the funny or crazy things that happened. I also put in many Receipts, entrance tickets, several cards and other stuff. It led to the fact that the journal is now about 3 times its original size and it kinda broke down, but I absolutely love it! Sometimes I go through it, since it’s so much fun to remember al the things we did.

My travel journal was pretty simple and doesn’t even come anywhere close to these amazing journals below (and it never ever will haha!). I just think it is really nice to see what others do with their travel journals and to get some inspiration from them, so here’s some travel journal inspiration for you!

8220100177_d6150cff2c_zSchermafbeelding 2015-01-29 om 12.10.34 eca437a9e19575e34aa7ef120333fcf8 travel-journal-molinta

Pictures / Artists:
1 Reg Silva
2 Joaquin Gonzalez Dorao
3 Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel
4 Victoria
5 Kondo Yoshie
6 Molinta

Most of these artists have way more pages of their journals shown on their website, so make sure you check out their sites by clicking on the names!

Do you like to keep up with a travel journal when you’re traveling & which one of these is your favorite? 🙂

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    29/01/2015 at 13:43

    Oh wow! Ik hield tijdens mijn reis door Australië wel een reisdagboek bij maar lang niet zo creatief als die hierboven!

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