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The Streets of Venice

It’s already a few months ago since I visited venice, Italy for the first time. I didn’t really know what to expect of the city other than loads and loads of water. Well, that expectation was quickly satisfied haha! Today I’m sharing The Streets of Venice in pictures and tell you how I feel about the city!

Together with lots of other tourists and a few (kindly irritated by all the tourists) locals we were crammed up on the ferry taking us to the famous St. Marco Square. I was absolutely amazed by the surroundings of the waters; all the lovely and very old buildings, nice little restaurants and small canals leading everywhere. But I must admit that Venice quickly started to look like one big amusement park. In the good sense of the word that is. It was just, a bit, I guess, weird? I don’t know, but the rest of the day I couldn’t really shake of the feeling of walking in an amusement park, which was okay, because I love amusement parks..

No, without kidding, I really liked strolling around Venice and absolutely loved all the buildings, little canals and the atmosphere. I think you should definitely see it one day if you got the chance. It’s just not a place that’s on the list of cities I’d definitely want to visit again. Venice is a city that does very well on pictures nonetheless, so here are my pictures of the streets of Venice.








venice-canalHave you ever visited Venice? What did you think of it? Do you agree with me that it kind of feels like an amusement park or is that a big insult to this beautiful city? Tell me!


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    PS by Dila
    11/02/2015 at 18:17

    Wauw wat een prachtige foto’s heb je gemaakt! Ik vond het ook een hele mooie stad waar ik zeker nog eens terugga.

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      11/02/2015 at 21:20

      Ahh dankjewel!

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