Expired Visas

Last week I had to renew my pasport in order to get my visa for Australia, which is cool, because new adventures. But, that also meant my old pasport had to receive three massive holes in it to declare it invalid. And that just hurt a tiny bit. I know this is a bit of a drama queen situation, but it just makes me sad to see all those visas with holes in it. So that’s why I made some pictures of the pasport before it got ruined and I figured it would be nice to show them here and talk about them a bit!

Expired-visa-1Indonesia 2013
This is the Indonesian visa I needed when I was studying in Bali in 2013. There’s also a stamp next to it to expand the visa for a few extra weeks. I think this is the prettiest visa that’s in my pasport and also one of the best places I’ve been to! I can still laugh about the Indonesian embassy office in Den Haag where we needed to go in order to get the visa, such a small building, almost a shed, between all these massive embassy buildings.

Senegal 2015
The two stamps on the left are from our day trip to Senegal last summer. We went there for the Fathala wild life reserve, which wasn’t the best experience. Still nice to see zebra’s and giraffes though 🙂 Maybe I’ll write a blogpost about it!

Gambia 2015
The two round stamps are from my holiday to Gambia last summer. I went there with my sister and it was such a nice experience! We did a lot of cool things, had nice weather most of the time and it was just fun to share this trip with my sister 🙂 It was a bit of a wild guess, since we didn’t really know what to expect, but it was very nice!

Thailand 2012
This was the first big trip I made, and also my first experience with Asia. We went on a family holiday for my parents anniversary and it was one of the best experiences ever! I always wanted to go to Asia and I absolutely fell in love with it. We went on an organized trip with an tour operator, together with other families, and thankfully they were all amazing  and we had such an awesome time with all of them.

Thailand 2013
Almost exactly a year later I was in Thailand again, to study. These are the stamps from after my study period, when I came back from Cambodia and had to go back to Amsterdam. I hated getting these stamps, because I really didn’t want to go home after being away for 6 months.Expired-visa-3Thailand 2013
My Thailand visa for when I was studying there, after studying in Bali. It was such a struggle to get this visa, because we had to pay in American dollars and it was so hard to get them in Bali. Especially since we were with about 100 people who all needed dollars haha. It was so nice to be back in Thailand and such a different experience than the previous year when I was there with my parents. I loved showing my friends some amazing things in Bangkok, but I also really liked exploring new parts of the country with them.

Cambodia 2013
Cambodia was such a nice experience. Not so much the country, which I didn’t hate, but also didn’t really like. But more because of the fact that this was the first time traveling solo for me. I had some time left between finishing off my study in Thailand and going back home, so I figured this would be the perfect time to travel alone to see how I liked it. Well, I did!

And now I’m left with an old pasport and expired visas. Time to get my new pasport inked up! 😉

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    27/10/2015 at 21:49

    Wat leuk dat je overal hebt gestudeerd! En las net dat je naar Australië vertrekt?!

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      28/10/2015 at 19:46

      Ja, dat was echt fantastisch! Klopt, eind Januari ga ik weg voor een jaar 🙂

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    31/10/2015 at 19:15

    Cool om te zien!

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      Bedankt Dionne!

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