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Bangkok in 48 hours

Bangkok is big city and with about 14 million people living in Bangkok there is always something to do or see. Maybe you’ll have a lot of time in this city, but there are also many people that will…

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Travel Tag

I’ve seen this travel tag on a few other blogs and I thought it would be nice to answer the questions as well. Click more if you like to see what my worst holiday memory is, which countries are…

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Ogoh Ogoh

Tomorrow it’s Nyepi, Balinese New Year, which means today it’s ogoh ogoh. I experienced ogoh ogoh last year while I was in Bali and today I’ll explain what it is and what my tips are if you’re planning on…

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Street food

You know what I like a lot about Asia, in this case Thailand, is that on every corner of the street there is this market or stall where you can buy all sorts of street food: some fresh vegetables,…

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Bucketlist: The Rickshaw Run

If you know me personally, or you’re one of the few that read my about page, you’ll know that India is really high up my bucket list. I talked about Jack & Finn and Louis earlier in the post…