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    Traditional Balinese Dances

    When you’re in Bali, Indonesia it’s hard to not come across any of their traditional Balinese dances. They are lots of different ones and they’re performed in different places across the Island. When…

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    The Streets of Florence

    Strolling around the streets of Florence was one of the things I was really looking forward to whilst I was in Italy. And I must say, you did not disappoint me Florence. Not at…

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    Bangkok in 48 hours

    Bangkok is big city and with about 14 million people living in Bangkok there is always something to do or see. Maybe you’ll have a lot of time in this city,…

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    Ogoh Ogoh

    Tomorrow it’s Nyepi, Balinese New Year, which means today it’s ogoh ogoh. I experienced ogoh ogoh last year while I was in Bali and today I’ll explain what it is and…

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    Bromo Volcano Java

    Only six days we had to spend in Java and we sure spent them well! One of the highlights of our trip through Java was visiting the Bromo Volcano. We stayed…

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    Street food

    You know what I like a lot about Asia, in this case Thailand, is that on every corner of the street there is this market or stall where you can buy…