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Expired Visas

Last week I had to renew my pasport in order to get my visa for Australia, which is cool, because new adventures. But, that also meant my old pasport had to receive three massive holes in it to declare…

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Where to stay in Bali

Ohh Bali, how I miss your beautiful beaches and lovely people. If you don’t know, I lived in Bali for about 3 months when I studied there and I absolutely loved it. It seems like Bali is growing in…

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Study Abroad in Bali

It’s been over a year that I came back from studying abroad. I first studied in Bali for three months and continued to study in Bangkok for three months. A lot of people ask me which I liked better…

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Traditional Balinese Dances

When you’re in Bali, Indonesia it’s hard to not come across any of their traditional Balinese dances. They are lots of different ones and they’re performed in different places across the Island. When I was in Bali for almost three months…

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Ogoh Ogoh

Tomorrow it’s Nyepi, Balinese New Year, which means today it’s ogoh ogoh. I experienced ogoh ogoh last year while I was in Bali and today I’ll explain what it is and what my tips are if you’re planning on…

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Bali: Gunung Batur Volcano

Even though we really liked the beaches in Bali we also wanted to see more of the island. So, this one weekend we decided to get our motorbikes and drive to the gunung Batur, the volcano on Bali. We…